Over 30 Years of Camboard....
Camboard Technology was established in Cambridge, England in 1984. We have a long history of supplying schools and colleges throughout the world with quality educational software.
Camboard started writing and publishing software for the old Acorn computers, before migrating to Microsofts then new Windows operating system.
We are one of the fastest growing of the very few remaining, curriculum based software companies in the U.K.
When computer programming was added to the curriculum in the 90s we introduced Interactive Control a breakthrough coding program which simulated virtual components. Around half of all U.K secondary schools purchased this along with its sister coding program Visual Control.
We develop and publish virtual software which is specially designed for use in Schools.
Around half of all U.K Schools use our software.
A large number of U.S.A schools use our software.
Our virtual software is used in Schools throughout the world.

Simple Circuits was developed for the Acorn RISC OS Computers.
A popular Schools computer developed here in Cambridge.
Simple Circuits is still available today in its Windows 3D version.