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Key Features

Coding with Robot Arms

This book will show you how to program several virtual robotic arms.
The book provides a step by step guide to coding a robotic arm. Describes all of the robotic arm parts.
This book starts with a simple pick and place robot moving onto a rail guided robot.
The book covers robotic arm welding.
This book is based on Camboard Technology’s virtual robotic software and will be useful to students learning to program robotic arms at K12 Computer Science

Coding with Robot Arms is contained in a PDF file.

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robotics books

Coding in Logo

Coding in Logo is a book designed to help children learn about Logo and use this popular language to draw basic shapes and learn about coding.
Useful for the Computer Science K12 curriculum.
Coding in Logo will prove useful for guiding the pupil through drawing simple lines and basic shapes.
Coding in Logo covers the basic Logo style commands and also includes sections on procedures, variables and mathematical operators.
Coding in Logo guides the pupil through drawing shapes with the screen turtle.
Coding in Logo uses VR Logo for all logo coding.
Coding in Logo is contained in a PDF file.

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